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Clean Mobile Power Cohort

Accelerator Opportunity For Zero Emissions, Mobile Power Solutions

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Clean Mobile Power Initiative

With support from RMI and Third Derivative, the Clean Mobile Power Initiative aims to identify and deliver cost-competitive zero emissions mobile power at scale for the entertainment industry, with the goal of eliminating diesel generators in top production markets. 

In collaboration with entertainment industry and studio leaders Netflix and The Walt Disney Company the initiative is a coalition of cross-functional companies with representatives from leading production studios, and engagement from equipment suppliers and cleantech manufacturers.

Startup Opportunity

We're looking for the most innovative global startups that have clean power generating technologies (including, but not limited to, battery energy storage systems, hydrogen fuel cells, and hybridized systems), or supporting business model innovations, to join the Clean Mobile Power Focused Cohort.

If this sounds like your climate tech company, we invite you to apply and participate in our remote, global 18-month accelerator opportunity. 

Applications will open on June 1st, 2023, and the most promising 5-10 startups will be selected in early fall to participate in Third Derivative’s accelerator program. 

Clean Mobile Power Initiative startups will have access to general accelerator offerings, as well as:

  • Capital Mobilization: 

Access to an optional $100K convertible note through the Third Derivative program. Tailored investor introductions to industry-focused investors and inclusion on ecosystem dealflow to VC partners.

  • Bespoke and Industry-Centric Mentorship: 

Opportunities to work with entertainment industry experts to inform startups’ go-to-market strategy and technology configurations to align with industry needs.

  • Piloting Opportunities: 

Unparalleled access to leading production studios and equipment suppliers to test and pilot technologies.

Cohort Eligibility Criteria

To meet the necessary power, size, mobility, and safety requirements for the entertainment industry, we encourage startups with technologies that have the potential to meet the following specifications to apply:

  • Ideally produce up to 140-220 kW of three-phase power on demand for up to 14 hours, with minimum requirements of 90 kW / 750 amps / 600 kWh and 120/208V for US and Canada*
  • Be able to be towed by a Class 4 or 5 truck, or mounted on a vehicle*
  • Be able to operate independently from a stationary fuel source or electricity supply*
  • Be able to move frequently, including more than one time a day*
  • Be safe and reliable, including meeting industry safety requirements for portable power distribution systems*
  • Fit inside of a standard parking space (roughly 9’x18’)
  • Preferred ability to provide DC fast charging for vehicles as well as site power needs
  • Be cost-competitive by 2030

Qualifying startups will have these features:

  • For-profit company
  • At least 2 full-time employees
  • A working prototype/no basic science risk (about TRL 3 or 4)

* Technology requirements for pilot opportunities