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Climate tech's inclusion problem with Elaine Hsieh from Third Derivative

The lack of inclusion in the climate tech industry isn't just a problem—it's a crisis. Elaine Hsieh of Third Derivative discusses what we’re missing out on when our worldview is confined, and the solutions for climate tech’s inclusion problem that will get us to where we need to be at the speed and scale required to address our climate challenges globally.

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E-Fuel Insight Brief

Decarbonizing Aviation with Sustainable Drop-In Fuel Alternatives 

Slashing CO2 emissions from aviation will be crucial in the fight against climate change.

Yet, as with most hard-to-abate sectors, the pathway to decarbonizing aviation is complex and lengthy, and it requires significant capital investment.

In our latest insight brief, explore Third Derivative's techno-economic review of e-fuels, and a proposed pathway for achieving <$4/gallon, which can be cost competitive with conventional fuels.


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