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Accelerate the clean future. Together.

We are building an inclusive, global ecosystem that rapidly finds, funds, and scales climate tech innovation and transforms markets.

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E-Fuel Insight Brief

Decarbonizing Aviation with Sustainable Drop-In Fuel Alternatives 

Slashing CO2 emissions from aviation will be crucial in the fight against climate change.

Yet, as with most hard-to-abate sectors, the pathway to decarbonizing aviation is complex and lengthy, and it requires significant capital investment.

In our latest insight brief, explore Third Derivative's techno-economic review of e-fuels, and a proposed pathway for achieving <$4/gallon, which can be cost competitive with conventional fuels.


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Introducing D3's trailblazing portfolio startups

Meet our startups actively building a sustainable, scalable climate future for all.

We’re powering up the world’s most promising climate tech startups, proudly acting as their trusted guides to D3’s expansive network of investors, corporates, and mentors. From batteries and biofuels to business model innovations—and every climate tech category in between—our portfolio startups are decisively tackling challenges across all emissions sectors. 

Apply to join the best-networked climate tech accelerator.

You’ve got a world-changing solution. We’ve got the deep network and curated connections visionary startup leaders need to bridge finance and resource gaps. Together with our committed investors, corporate partners, market experts, and mentors, we can and will accelerate climate tech innovation. The first step? Fill out an application to help our team determine if our program is a good match.

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Third Derivative is an open, collaborative climate tech ecosystem that accelerates startups and moves markets.

By guiding and supporting climate tech entrepreneurs who are bringing new ideas and innovation to market, we accelerate the clean future worldwide. Through a vast global network of deep experts, corporate partners, and investors, we help startups go to market faster with their breakthrough ideas, create real impact, and transform markets.

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We focus on advancements across hard science, hardware, digital/software solutions, and business model innovation.


A global network of corporate partners offers capital, development, manufacturing, and market access.


Committed venture capital partners help select and coach startups with seamless follow-on funding opportunities.


From veteran entrepreneurs and seasoned tech experts to PR and financial specialists, D3 mentors help counsel the world’s most promising startups.

"Third Derivative’s pragmatic, integrative way of deploying innovative climate technologies faster perpetuates the ‘applied hope’ that the world needs more of right now."

Amory Lovins, Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus

"Achieving our commitment to be carbon negative by 2030 will require the development of new carbon reduction and removal technologies. We look forward to serving on the Third Derivative advisory board and working with its member organizations to help accelerate the commercialization of global early-stage climate technologies."

JoAnn Garbin, Director of Innovation, CO+I Advanced Development

"If you're a founder doing hard things, you'd be hard pressed to find a better program/collection of people to bring along for the journey."

Nick Chadwick, CEO
Mission Zero Technologies

"D3 has delivered what they promise and more: We have easy access to a database of thousands of companies, reports on startup/technology trends, and one-on-one expert calls on various topics. Within a year, D3 introduced hundreds of startups to us and we ended up investing in seven of them. One of our star portfolio companies was introduced to us by D3. With the help of many experts in the ecosystem, we have also sharpened our investment thesis."

Anh Le, Partner