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Startup Portfolio: Biofuels / Synfuels / Chemicals

Meet Our Latest Startups: Cohorts 22-2 and 22-3!

As part of our effort to move the needle—and the market—on climate tech, D3 is proud to announce Cohorts 22-2 and 22-3. Alongside a general cohort (22-2) comprising 29 promising climate tech startups, we’re also excited to introduce our first focused cohort of 5 additional startups (22-3) zeroing in on a critical area: carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

Enchi Corporation

Driving the next generation of biofuels, starting with non-food cellulosic ethanol.

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Offering a new paradigm for green hydrogen and synthetic hydrocarbons / synfuels using heat and low cost, widely available materials that integrate with existing industries and markets

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SeeO2 Energy

Efficiently converting carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or water into marketable and clean value-added products using reversible fuel cell technology.

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Sironix Renewables

Offering a bio-based technology to cleaning brands, producers, and consumers to reduce the environmental footprint of a huge industry—allowing all to shop a product that fulfills all needs: sustainability, safety and performance.

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We’re here to help you bridge critical finance and resource gaps by uniting and aligning the world’s most promising climate tech startups—like you—with D3’s network of committed investors, corporate partners, market experts, and mentors.

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