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Startup Portfolio: Cohort 23-1

Meet Our Latest Startups: Cohort 23-2 and Cohort 23-3 (FGC 2)!

We're proud to officially announce Cohort 23-2 and Cohort 23-3 (FGC 2)! Thirty-six global climate tech startups comprise these two outstanding cohorts. 

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ATEC Global Logo

ATEC Global

Decarbonising cooking globally, an opportunity larger than the global airline industry — enabled through automated IoT payments.

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Aureus Earth Logo

Aureus Earth

Creating new economic tools for monetizing the carbon reduction and storage capacity of the built environment.

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Bedrock Energy Logo

Bedrock Energy

Decarbonizing buildings everywhere with geothermal heating & cooling.

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Providing reliable, cost-effective ocean wave technologies for sustainable energy access, bridging the gap to 100% clean power generation.

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Carbonfuture Logo


Enabling carbon market trust and scalable financing across technologies with the world's leading carbon tracking system.

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Cella Logo


Expanding the range of geologies suitable for carbon removal and making carbon mineralization–the natural process for turning carbon into rock–into the most efficient way to permanently remove CO2.

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CM Materials Inc Logo

CM Materials

Developing a novel electromagnetic material for electric motors and power electronics.

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Criaterra Innovations Ltd. Logo

Criaterra Innovations

Developing and manufacturing circular products for buildings that are made in a kiln-free process, creating value in low embodied carbon, insulation, installation time and overall cost.

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Dimensional Energy Logo

Dimensional Energy

Defossilizing future hydrocarbons.

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ElectricFish Logo


Building and deploying resilient and flexible EV infrastructure to accelerate decarbonization, and support community adaptation to climate risks.

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Flexodes Inc Logo

Flexodes Inc

Eliminating the need for rare earth metals, and delivering safer batteries with 50% higher energy density using commonly available materials.

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Godi India Pvt Ltd Logo


Reducing energy consumption in lithium-ion cell manufacturing compared to current processes.

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Radiant Labs Logo

Radiant Labs

Finding the best fit across a population for technology using cost-benefit optimization and identifying market opportunities for companies.

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Solving the scalability of energy storage, which in turn solves scalability of intermittent renewables.

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Strawcture Eco Pvt. Ltd. Logo

Strawcture Eco

Making carbon negative insulating building materials to decarbonize the built environment

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