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Startup Portfolio: Cohort 22-1

Meet Our Latest Batch of Startups: Cohort 22-1

Why 22-1? Historically, our cohorts were named for the year’s peak atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration (in parts per million [ppm]), based on the Keeling Curve.

We're a bunch of science nerds at D3, but we realized this was just a little too wonky—so we’re switching our cohort names to represent the year and quarter of their launch.



Reducing aerodynamic drag on trucks with an AI-controlled air injection system.

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Developing low-cost energy storage solutions for many applications ranging from fast frequency response (FFR) and over electric mobility, to long-duration energy storage (LDES).

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ALT Mobility

Electrifying urban mobility in India with simplified, affordable commercial EV leasing solutions.

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Altus Thermal

Electrifying domestic hot water to deliver greater savings, ensure user comfort, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Cell Propulsion

Electrifying commercial vehicle fleets in India by offering full-stack solutions, comprising electric trucks, operations and management support, charging, and energy and asset management services.

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Empowering companies to improve health and wellbeing for occupants and planet alike with best-in-class air quality monitoring technology.

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Automating the profitable decarbonization of commercial buildings.

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Perl Street

Creating a platform to streamline project financing of emerging distributed infrastructure assets.

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De-risking the scale-up and operations of industrial electrochemical systems.

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Establishing the most extensive battery swapping network in India to enable electrification across two- and three-wheeler transport—the most extensively used modes of transportation in this part of the world.

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Deploying high-quality industrial-scale distributed solar plants efficiently, transparently, and quickly.

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Pioneering algae production in deeper water away from coastlines.

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Delivering low-carbon industrial process heat as a service.

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Providing scalable, proven, and profitable smart-grid solutions.

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Improving reliability and reducing losses on India's electricity grid.

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Facilitating rapid construction of affordable and sustainable structures using 3D printing for communities in India and beyond.

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