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Startup Portfolio: Carbon Markets

Meet Cohort 24-1!

We’re proud to officially announce Cohort 24-1 comprised of thirty-one climate technology companies. Each startup was selected based on climate impact, techno-economics, business model, and competitive landscape. Their technologies include clean ammonia, cool energy storage, novel methane detection, and more.

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ATEC Global

Decarbonising cooking globally, an opportunity larger than the global airline industry — enabled through automated IoT payments.

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Enabling carbon market trust and scalable financing across technologies with the world's leading carbon tracking system.

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Democratizing access to corporate social and environmental performance data to empower consumers' purchasing decisions.

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Frost Methane

Helping to identify and neutralize concentrated sources of methane worldwide, including larger anthropogenic methane sources such as abandoned and active coal mines.

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Reimagining forest carbon credits to unlock millions of acres of land that was previously excluded from carbon marketplaces.

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Quanterra Systems

Providing continuous, accurate carbon sequestration measurements at a competitive price.

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We’re here to help you bridge critical finance and resource gaps by uniting and aligning the world’s most promising climate tech startups—like you—with D3’s network of committed investors, corporate partners, market experts, and mentors.

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