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Startup Portfolio: Power Electronics and Hardware

Meet Our Latest Batch of Startups: Cohort 22-1

Why 22-1? Historically, our cohorts were named for the year’s peak atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration (in parts per million [ppm]), based on the Keeling Curve.

We're a bunch of science nerds at D3, but we realized this was just a little too wonky—so we’re switching our cohort names to represent the year and quarter of their launch.



Providing power gains by increasing efficiency and eliminating wires, cables, and connectors in diverse applications.

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Switched Source

Helping distribution system operators better utilize legacy grid infrastructure by providing power-electronics that increase reliability and efficiency—increasing the system’s capacity to host distributed renewable energy.

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Improving reliability and reducing losses on India's electricity grid.

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TS Conductor

Optimizing the power grid by adding capacity and controlling line loss to reduce infrastructure costs and minimize environmental impacts.

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