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Startup Portfolio: Buildings (cooling / heating / envelopes)

Meet Cohort 24-1!

We’re proud to officially announce Cohort 24-1 comprised of thirty-one climate technology companies. Each startup was selected based on climate impact, techno-economics, business model, and competitive landscape. Their technologies include clean ammonia, cool energy storage, novel methane detection, and more.

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Altus Thermal

Electrifying domestic hot water to deliver greater savings, ensure user comfort, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Bedrock Energy

Decarbonizing buildings everywhere with geothermal heating & cooling.

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Heat Inverse

Providing easily-deployable cooling films to increase efficiency and asset lifetimes across industries at the crux of the energy, food, and water nexus: power, F&B, EVs, buildings, and more.

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Ionic Liquid

Replacing HFC refrigerants with proprietary additives that allow practical use of carbon dioxide as a cooling system refrigerant.

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Moving us closer to cost-effective net zero buildings by reducing building heating and cooling energy draw by up to 40%.

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M2 Thermal Solutions

Developing refrigerant-free AC systems using novel membranes to remove water vapor.

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Eliminating direct global warming potential and increasing energy efficiency with magnetic cooling.

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MIMiC Systems

Developing a resilient, carbon-friendly, and compact heat pump for personal climate control using solid-state technology.

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Rebound Technologies

Developing an innovative freeze point suppression refrigeration cycle to increase throughput and operational efficiency to frozen food processors and cold storage and distribution facilities.

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Using active energy-reducing surface sensors to lower building emissions.

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Developing a new class of affordable, energy-efficient, sustainable cooling systems.

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Developing next generation vacuum insulated glass (“VIG”) technology for the production of affordable, ultra-high energy-efficient windows.

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