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Startup Portfolio: Low Carbon Materials

Meet Cohort 24-1!

We’re proud to officially announce Cohort 24-1 comprised of thirty-one climate technology companies. Each startup was selected based on climate impact, techno-economics, business model, and competitive landscape. Their technologies include clean ammonia, cool energy storage, novel methane detection, and more.

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Aureus Earth

Creating new economic tools for monetizing the carbon reduction and storage capacity of the built environment.

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Brimstone Energy

Developing a CO2-free process to produce Portland cement, the exact same material that the industry uses today.

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Providing carbon-negative cellulose insulation that outperforms conventional products, without added costs.

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Criaterra Innovations

Developing and manufacturing circular products for buildings that are made in a kiln-free process, creating value in low embodied carbon, insulation, installation time and overall cost.

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Determinant Materials

Providing low-carbon, zero-waste critical metals needed for the climate transition.

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Repurposing waste minerals into cementitious materials to replace cement by up to 30% and reduce associated CO2 emissions by 85%.

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Ferrum Technologies

Decarbonizing global steel production cost competitively with the vision to eliminate the 3 Gt CO2 emitted by the industry every year.

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FSC Technologies

Delivering a cost effective and environmentally sustainable technology to the concrete construction industry by replacing steel reinforcement with new FRP technology and utilizing low carbon cements.

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Kelp Island

Developing floating, interlocking bricks made of a high-strength kelp composite to decarbonize the marine construction sector using sequestered biomass.

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Materials Nexus

Accelerating the discovery and development process of new net-zero materials.

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Mycotech Labs

Producing vegan leather from crop waste and mushrooms.

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okom wrks labs

Creating the world's strongest carbon-storing mycelium based composite capable of serving in load-bearing and non load-bearing applications in the built environment.

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Achieving cost parity with wood to provide a fungible structural alternative with significant social, economic, and environmental benefits as a building material.

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Strawcture Eco

Making carbon negative insulating building materials to decarbonize the built environment

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Wild Microbes

Solving a lynchpin challenge in displacing petrochemicals - finding the right microbes to produce commodity products at industrial scale.

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