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Startup Portfolio: Batteries

Meet Our Latest Startups: Cohort 23-1!

As part of our effort to move the needle—and the market—on climate tech, D3 is proud to announce Cohort 23-1. It comprises 15 promising climate tech startups spanning diverse sectors and solutions.

Aepnus Technology

Developing efficient and sustainable processes to electrify the manufacture of lithium chemicals needed to make batteries.

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Automat Solutions

Developing high-performance battery materials such as high-performance electrolytes for electric vehicles via an innovative AI-robotics platform.

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Developing an advanced battery management software that enables safer, longer-lasting and faster charging lithium-ion batteries.

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betteries AMPS GmbH

Providing mobile, modular, and multipurpose power systems based on upcycling EV batteries.

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Providing power gains by increasing efficiency and eliminating wires, cables, and connectors in diverse applications.

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Flexodes Inc Logo

Flexodes Inc

Eliminating the need for rare earth metals, and delivering safer batteries with 50% higher energy density using commonly available materials.

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Godi India Pvt Ltd Logo


Reducing energy consumption in lithium-ion cell manufacturing compared to current processes.

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Mangrove Lithium

Developing an electrochemical technology that enables the lowest-cost production of lithium hydroxide, commonly used for electric vehicles, electronics, and renewable energy storage.

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Parthian Energy

Preventing battery fires using a patented platform of battery diagnostics that improve safety while reducing cost for manufacturers.

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De-risking the scale-up and operations of industrial electrochemical systems.

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Establishing the most extensive battery swapping network in India to enable electrification across two- and three-wheeler transport—the most extensively used modes of transportation in this part of the world.

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Summit Nanotech

Developing a novel low-cost, direct lithium extraction (DLE) process that avoids the need for evaporation ponds and large chemical-based refineries.

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Improving the efficiency of lithium-ion battery manufacturing to decarbonize our future energy and transportation sectors.

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Providing cobalt-free, high-energy, drop-in cathodes for lithium batteries helps decentralize the supply chain, drive down costs, and support a growing electric vehicle market.

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Volt14 Solutions

Volt14 offers battery cell producers fully integrated, ready to use silicon-dominant anode technology that increases energy stored for battery size by up to 40% while reducing cost to produce cells.

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