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Startup Portfolio: Carbon Capture and Utilization

Meet Cohort 24-1!

We’re proud to officially announce Cohort 24-1 comprised of thirty-one climate technology companies. Each startup was selected based on climate impact, techno-economics, business model, and competitive landscape. Their technologies include clean ammonia, cool energy storage, novel methane detection, and more.

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Enhancing a nature-based mineralization process that provides a safe, permanent, scalable and cost-effective CO2 removal for CO2 captured from the atmosphere and from hard-to-abate industries.

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Building a direct air capture (DAC) technology that combines the proven industrial process of fluidization with a novel geochemical sorbent, delivering accelerated CO2 removal and providing a rapid path to scaling.

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Developing a novel Direct Air Capture technology that removes both water and carbon from the atmosphere in low-energy, fully electrified system.

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Affordably removing carbon from the atmosphere using renewable energy while increasing clean water supply.

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Carbon Atlantis

capturing CO2 through direct air capture (DAC) technology in highly cost-effective and scalable way.

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Expanding the range of geologies suitable for carbon removal and making carbon mineralization–the natural process for turning carbon into rock–into the most efficient way to permanently remove CO2.

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Preventing abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells.

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Compact Membrane Systems

Developing membrane solutions for hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors and applications.

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Developing a new class of electrochemistry systems that provide low-energy synthesis of acid and base for decarbonization applications.

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Greenlyte Carbon Technologies

Developing a low-energy direct air capture process that captures CO2 from the air, while producing hydrogen as a by-product.

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Mission Zero Technologies

Enabling the removal of CO2 from air for much lower costs and energy footprints than possible with other technologies today.

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Octavia Carbon

Developing a geothermal-integrated Direct Air Capture (DAC) process to efficiently filter carbon dioxide from the air.

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Developing a novel electrochemical cell that separates CO2 from the air in a highly efficient and cost-effective process that operates at ambient temperature solely by renewable electricity.

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Enabling a nature-based, permanent carbon removal solution that is affordable and scalable within this decade.

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Pioneering algae production in deeper water away from coastlines.

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Developing a low-cost, scalable technology solution to directly capture and remove carbon dioxide from the air.

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Recycling waste from mining and fertilizer production for permanent carbon dioxide removal and chemical production.

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Harnessing the power of the oceans to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Capturing atmospheric CO2 with minimal energy, supporting efforts to stay below 1.5°C warming.

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