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Startup Portfolio: Buildings

Meet Cohort 24-1!

We’re proud to officially announce Cohort 24-1 comprised of thirty-one climate technology companies. Each startup was selected based on climate impact, techno-economics, business model, and competitive landscape. Their technologies include clean ammonia, cool energy storage, novel methane detection, and more.

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3E Nano

Making low-E window coatings up to 50% cheaper than traditional alternatives.

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Developing low-cost energy storage solutions for many applications ranging from fast frequency response (FFR) and over electric mobility, to long-duration energy storage (LDES).

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Allume Energy

Unlocking rooftop solar benefits for apartment renters with the SolShare, a breakthrough technology alleviating renter energy burdens.

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Blue Frontier

Reducing air conditioning-related energy consumption up to 90%.

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Providing carbon-negative cellulose insulation that outperforms conventional products, without added costs.

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Darcy Solutions

Boosting the efficiency, reducing cost, and reducing the number of boreholes needed for ground-source heat pumps.

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Closing the gap between pledges and progress for the built environment through sustainable building material procurement.

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Turning any apartment building into an interactive, grid connected building that improves profitability from day one and addresses pressing maintenance and service issues.

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Optimizing mass timber design by integrating engineering and supply-chain data - catalyzing a renewable, closed-loop material economy, and reducing carbon emissions.

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Accelerating whole-home electrification with next generation home appliances.

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Empowering companies to improve health and wellbeing for occupants and planet alike with best-in-class air quality monitoring technology.

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Providing 24/7 cooling using ice battery technology made affordable with PayGo technology, thereby reducing food waste and emissions.

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Automating the profitable decarbonization of commercial buildings.

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Eliminating direct global warming potential and increasing energy efficiency with magnetic cooling.

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MIMiC Systems

Developing a resilient, carbon-friendly, and compact heat pump for personal climate control using solid-state technology.

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Pathways Technologies

Empowering material manufacturers to decarbonize their production lifecycle with automated, real-time visibility, reporting, and insights on their emissions.

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Using active energy-reducing surface sensors to lower building emissions.

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Accelerating residential decarbonization project installations (I.e., solar, EV charging, heat pumps etc.) by reducing permitting issuance times from weeks to instant.

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Terran Robotics

Developing automated, eco-friendly construction methods to create affordable, luxury housing.

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Facilitating rapid construction of affordable and sustainable structures using 3D printing for communities in India and beyond.

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Developing next generation vacuum insulated glass (“VIG”) technology for the production of affordable, ultra-high energy-efficient windows.

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