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Startup Portfolio: Industry

Meet Our Latest Batch of Startups: Cohort 22-1

Why 22-1? Historically, our cohorts were named for the year’s peak atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration (in parts per million [ppm]), based on the Keeling Curve.

We're a bunch of science nerds at D3, but we realized this was just a little too wonky—so we’re switching our cohort names to represent the year and quarter of their launch.


Celadyne Technologies

Developing a new proton exchange membrane (PEM) for use in fuel cells and electrolyzers.

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Compact Membrane Systems

Developing membrane solutions for hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors and applications.

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Providing power gains by increasing efficiency and eliminating wires, cables, and connectors in diverse applications.

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Enchi Corporation

Driving the next generation of biofuels, starting with non-food cellulosic ethanol.

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Energy Integration Inc.

Designing and installing mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) systems for efficient, electrified, decarbonized biofuels production.

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Tackling the challenge of cold chain logistics for agricultural and pharmaceutical suppliers across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

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iBeam Materials

Developing a transformative new manufacturing technology for low-cost, high-efficiency, LED light.

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Iris Light Technologies

Developing a tunable laser that can be printed directly onto semiconductor chips for improved data center efficiency.

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Kanin Energy

Helping industrial clients capture waste heat to produce clean, baseload power using an organic rankine cycle generator.

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Mangrove Lithium

Developing an electrochemical technology that enables the lowest-cost production of lithium hydroxide, commonly used for electric vehicles, electronics, and renewable energy storage.

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Producing low-cost, high-performance ion-exchange membranes for water purification, redox flow batteries, and hydrogen electrolyzers and fuel cells.

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Mission Zero Technologies

Developing a new chemistry to enable energy-efficient, decentralized, and low-cost direct air capture (DAC) of carbon dioxide emissions.

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Mycotech Labs

Producing vegan leather from crop waste and mushrooms.

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Using non-invasive sensors combined with AI to monitor motor performance and predict maintenance issues at industrial plants.

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Project Vesta

Harnessing the power of the oceans to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

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SeeO2 Energy

Efficiently converting carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or water into marketable and clean value-added products using reversible fuel cell technology.

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Sironix Renewables

Offering a bio-based technology to cleaning brands, producers, and consumers to reduce the environmental footprint of a huge industry—allowing all to shop a product that fulfills all needs: sustainability, safety and performance.

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Delivering low-carbon industrial process heat as a service.

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Summit Nanotech

Developing a novel low-cost, direct lithium extraction (DLE) process that avoids the need for evaporation ponds and large chemical-based refineries.

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Utvyakta Solutions

Enabling intelligence for air compressors.

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Producing green hydrogen at scale—reliably and affordably.

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XL Batteries

Developing a novel chemistry for a 20+ year, non-flammable flow battery.

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